Decentralized Messaging, Search & Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Meet & Share Privately With People From Around The World. Privately Transact Value, Search The Net, Utilize Ai Assistance & Chat With Kojib, A Generative Artifical Intelligence Chatbot. Powered By The Fastest Most Secure Blockchain In The World. Own The Technology You Use. Made For Creators By Creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an account?
Click Sign Up & Register As An Account Or Login As An Annouymous Guest.
How to delete an account?
Go to Profile Settings and click delete account. Guest Accounts WIll Automatically Delete After You Log Out.
What is Kojib?
Kojib Is a simple and easy to use Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is a private messaging & search protocol powered by blockchain technology & Artificial Intelligence. The platform is designed to provide users with a decentralized messaging, search, a generative Ai experience that is both secure and private. With end-to-end encryption and a decentralized architecture, Kojib ensures that no one else can access your messages or data.
What is Kojib Search?
Kojib Search is an advanced private decentralized search engine designed to provide users with a secure and private way to search the net. It uses a distributed ledger and peer-to-peer network to store and access data, which eliminates the need for a central server and makes it more secure than other search engines.
What is
Kojib Chat is a generative artificial intelligence chatbot that provides a conversational way to interact with Kojib. Kojib.Chat is able to provide answers to a wide range of questions and topics, and it can also engage in natural-sounding conversations. Kojib.Chat is powered by KojibBot, a powerful language model that is able to generate human-like response.
What is Kojib Wallet?
Kojib wallet provides users with a secure and convenient way to store, manage and monitor their PHI, Kojib Tokens & other digital assets, as well as allows easy payments, transfers & exchanges.
What is Kojib Token (💬)?
Kojib tokens (💬) are a PHI20 Token & live on the PHI Network Blockchain they can be used as a form of payment to purchase goods and services. Additionally, Owenership Of Kojib tokens are considered protocol ownership, which grants users the right to govern the protocol by creating and voting on proposals, as well as contribute to the future development of the protocol.
What Is Kojib Ai Assistant?
Use AI to help boost your flow & save hours of work. Generate high quality content with AI. Kojib AI assistant is an advanced software program designed to assist users in various tasks by understanding natural language commands. It is equipped with machine learning algorithms that enable it to learn and adapt to the user's preferences and behaviors, providing personalized assistance.
What is PHI (Φ)?
PHI (Φ) Is the underlying asset of PHI Network which is a blockchain-based platform that allows developers to easily create and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) & Smart Contracts on its high-performance smart chain. PHI powers PHI20 tokens that are native tokens of the PHI Network platform. PHI20 tokens are ERC-20 compatible and can be stored in any ERC-20 compliant wallet. They can also be used to purchase services, enable access to features & exchange with other PHI20 tokens. PHI20 tokens also have "smart" capabilities allowing an infinite amount of possibilities for integration.
How to install Kojib?
Kojib is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) To install Kojib to your device, Click the share icon, then click "Add to Home Screen." Then, click the Kojib icon from your home screen, and you will now see that it is a native app on your device.